Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon Fishing

Sockeye salmon enter the Columbia river in June and head up the river on their migration to spawn generally they are arriving in the upper Columbia first week in July. We target these fish bellow wells dam, and the Brewster pool where they tent to stack up. The fishing can be fast and furious for these great tasting and hard fighting fish it’s not uncommon on big return years to have as many as six Sockeye salmon per person for a limit and it is attainable!! We will fish Sockeye salmon from the first week in July until I leave for Bouy 10 at the mouth of the Columbia to fish Fall kings. 

I guide Walleye in the Columbia River and Lake Roosevelt during the winter months. Until the ice is off the lakes and the walleye start there pre spawn staging. I will start running trips on Banks Lake, Moses Lake and The Potholes reservoir depending on where the fishing is best at that time. 

$600 for two and $100 for each additional. Click here to book now!